Vocal Recording Tips

If you are equipped with a professional recording studio, then this might not be for you. Then again, even professionals tend to miss a thing or two so hopefully this post benefits some or most people who read this. 

1- Keep track of your vocal provider's position. Make sure the position the provider provides vocals is the same each time he or she comes back from a break to continue recording. Ensure the vocals are coming from the same position each time.

2- Many vocalists sing better when they tilt their head back a little, as it opens up their vocal chords.

3- Have a clear idea of where a certain line is to be placed. Example, the word "love" in a verse has to hit right when the "snare" is heard.

4- Applying a chorus effect is ok, but the best way is to recird multiple takes of the vocal,mixing them together.

5- External sounds like coughing and ice knocking against the inner wall of a glass can sound cool when compressed, Try  it!