Assalamualaikum to muslims and hello non-muslims. This is the first official post of this blog. Without procrastinating, lets get started. Today's post will be on digital audio workstations. Nowadays, there are many people who are into making music. Everyone knows that bands like Incubus, Three Doors Down, Kiss, etc. create songs by playing instruments such as the guitar, the bass guitar and drums. However, what many do not know is, how are techno, house, hip-hop and r&b songs created? How are they arranged? Why do the drums sound unique and not like any drum set in existence? Why do the instruments sound very different from live ones?

This is how, and this is why....

                                                                       FL STUDIO 9

                                                           CAKEWALK SONAR 8

                                                                SONY ACID PRO 7

These are known as Digital Audio Workstations (DAW), computer based audio creation softwares. With endless possibilities, all you need is imagination, a computer, a mouse, speakers,the will to self learn, and patience. There are several other DAW softwares such as Pro Tools, Reason, Dub Audio, and Cubase. These programs are meant to provide inspiring musicians, music creators who do not use live instruments. With the availability of these softwares, people who do not have the skills to play a live instrument could easily create the type of music of their liking. Award winning producers such as Timbaland, Kanye West, Swizz Beats, 9th Wonder and Pharrel, to name a few, have successfully created amazing songs by using these softwares. As easy as it sounds, it is not that simple. It requires skill, patience, preserverence and creativity. I will post up short tutorials of me, making a simple song,to guide anyone who want's to get started on making music using DAW's.