Music sampling

Music sampling has long been seen as unoriginal, lack of musical art and passion. Many beg to differ, as sampling is the art of using a complete song, usually from the 60's up to the 90's, and reimplementing it on a new song. This is not fraud or a breach of copyright as many of the original musician themselves approve the art of sampling. For example, the song Issabella which was originally by Search, was resampled by DJ Iman and later produced for the hip-hop song of the same title, but by Joe Flizzow. The song applied certain sections of the original song, looped during verses and featured the voice of Amy Search himself on the chorus. Other examples are Heart of the City by Jay-Z, Lonely by Akon and Oh Girl by Paul Wall.

9th Wonder, a music composer and producer, is famous for his sample based beats. The video below showcases his work.

Below is a sample of my work. This song was sampled from a song by Gloria Ganor.